SelfieCam FAQ

Q: Posting to Facebook doesn’t appear to work, how come?

A: Facebook must be set up correctly in your iPhone settings, or no (non Facebook) app can post to your wall. To check this, go to settings/Facebook, and make sure that your login and password have been entered.

Q: I want to save my Selfie but do not want to post to FB?

A: This feature is available through Save Plus or you can simply email it to yourself.

Q: Why can’t I save directly to the camera roll?

A: This feature is available under Save Plus,  along with post to available social networks, copy/paste, and Print.

Q: I want to use the phone around the other way but still have the selfie window at the bottom.

A: With the Pro Features pack , you will be able to drag the selfie window wherever you want and also resize it.

Q: Can I swap the camera windows to be the other way around?

A: Yes, with the Pro Features pack.



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